Meet JoAnn

I love to see where God is taking people on their life journey. I love learning, which also means learning your story, journey and dreams.

Life for me is about finding where God is calling me to be and enjoying the journey as it twists and turns. My life has taken me from working as a nurse, to being a stay at home mom, to attending seminary, to working as a therapist, to serving as a seminary faculty member, to my current calling as a life coach, consultant and pastoral counselor. Many of these paths intersect as I'm sure yours do too. Along the way I have developed a heart for those serving God as missionaries and ministry workers.
While I have not served as a missionary on the field, I have made many short-term trips and have listened to and worked with missionaries for many years. I have had ongoing relationships with mission teams in Guatemala for 15 years and in Spain for 6 years.

I love to travel both for work and pleasure. Though not an adventurous person by nature, my husband and I have rafted the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, hiked in Bhutan and come face to face with an elephant in Zambia. I enjoy photography and reading. Pat and I reside in Minnesota and have three adult children.


Life Journeys Counseling