Consulting with organizations and teams to increase understanding, growth, vision and planning is a facet of Life Journeys. Clients have included, The Minnesota Iowa Baptist Conference, Reach Global, and teams in Spain, Guatemala, Peru as well as several closed countries. As a pastoral counselor and coach I can offer both assessment and strategies for growth in individuals and teams. I design member care plans, provide consultation and speaking for missionary retreats. As a Paraclete Mission Group Associate, my services are available to mission groups across the world. Services are provided by phone, Skype and on the field.

I have training through:
• Mission Training Institute (MTI) - CODAR for debriefing
• Barnabas International
• Professional Christian Coaching Institute (PCCI) - CPLC
• Sexual Wholeness – Certificate in Christian Sex Therapy
• Bethel Theological Seminary – MA in Marriage and Family Therapy

“JoAnn traveled to the Middle East to counsel, train and advise us with our Middle East Internship program. She was quickly able to evaluate and advise us in areas of personal growth, vision and long-term program development. Her input into the lives of over a dozen young professional men and women and eight staff members was one of the highlights of this intensive training.

JoAnn helped us become aware of and correct blind spots in our work. She also imparted to us wisdom and the ability to visualize the future in order to be much more effective and discerning. Her counseling, coaching and sensitivity has put us years ahead in our Middle East efforts.”

- Founder of Mission Training Organization


I have spoken at numerous national organizational conferences, including: American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), Christian Association for Psychological Studies (CAPS), and Association of Marriage and Family Ministries (AMFM) as well as the Missionary Care Conference (MC2). Retreats have included events in Peru, Spain and North Africa. A “Caring Well” webinar provided pastoral counseling training for missionaries on the field. Topics of interest are: Biblical Self-care, Emotional Health, Life Transitions, Developing a Vision, Spiritual Growth and Marriage Enrichment. It is my passion to provide practical help for those in ministry.

"For the past four years, JoAnn has been part of a team that has sponsored a women's retreat for Latin American missionaries serving in Spain and North Africa. She has a unique spirit about her that crosses cultural barriers, allowing the love of Christ and her compassionate heart to minister to women of many nations. Women from the retreat share consistently how they have been encouraged, healed, and blessed through counseling and coaching with JoAnn."

-- Laura Eller, on behalf of the OC International team serving in Malaga, Spain


Life Journeys Counseling

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