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Member care for Modern Day Field Workers is provided by JoAnn Kraft and Matt Turvey. We provide individual counseling and coaching as well as care for married couples. Our goal is to support your ministry by supporting you in the life you are experiencing on the field.

Women can contact JoAnn at

Men can contact Matt at
Couples may choose either.

Sessions are usually held by Skype or phone.

JoAnn Kraft, MA, CPLC was a therapist in private practice from 1998-2014 with specialties in marital and sex therapy. JoAnn also served as seminary faculty at Bethel Seminary for 14 years. She has worked with many missionaries and pastors over the years. After completing her certificate in Christian Professional Life Coaching in early 2014, she closed her counseling office to devote her time to working exclusively with missionaries and ministry workers. She is an Associate with Paraclete Mission Group.

Since 2007, JoAnn has been working with various mission organizations providing application assessments, member care, retreats and seminars. She was trained to provide care during the application process, field work, transitions, home assignments and return. She has worked with Reach Global, One Challenge, Cru, YWAM, and Wooddale Worldwide as well as missionaries from other agencies. She has served missionaries in a variety of countries including Spain, Peru, Guatemala, the Middle East and North Africa as well as being involved in Guatemala mission teams with her husband for over 15 years.

JoAnn and her husband, Pat, live in Minnesota and have 3 adult children. See the “About JoAnn” tab for additional information.

Matthew Turvey, Psy.D., has worked as a clinical psychologist since 2001, specializing in marriage, family, and relationship issues for ministry leaders and missionaries. He currently is the Associate Director of WinShape Marriage, a division of the WinShape Foundation founded by the late Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A. In this role, Matt oversees and directs Christ-centered marriage strengthening retreats at the beautiful WinShape Retreat and in locations around the world.

Dr. Turvey, his beautiful wife Nicole, and their three children returned in 2014 from serving as Modern Day field workers in Lima, Peru.  While serving in Peru, Matt provided counseling and support services to missionaries across South America - "helping the helpers" stay in the field fulfilling their calling to live out the Great Commandment and Great Commission.

In addition to clinical training, Matt knows firsthand the real stresses and joys of living overseas and serving as a missionary. He's been through the whole cycle of missionary ministry - from calling and discernment to recruitment and deputation, from pre-field training to placement, from in-country shock and adjustment to finding your ministry niche, and from re-entry to debriefing to reintegration.

Dr. Turvey is excited to come alongside you and offer support and guidance in navigating the exciting and challenging world of missions service.

A special rate for Modern Day Field Workers has been reduced from $100 to $50. Payments for sessions are to be made by PayPal before each meeting.

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